Posted by: Peter | May 17, 2008


I’m watching the Twins-Rockies game on, and man is this Colorado broadcast team awful. An inning ago, the color guy talked over the play-by-play guy so he could finish some pointless story about eating on the road. And now they just got themselves totally confused about which Hernandez brother is which.

Announcer 1: “El Duque is ten years younger than him.”

Announcer 2: “What? What did you just say? This guy is ten years older than El Duque? He’s, like, 61”.

They went around like this for a while until they figured out that they had the whole thing ass backwards. Truly terrible. I didn’t think a TV baseball crew could be this bad without involving Hawk Harrelson.

For the record, the Detroit broadcast team is the best one I’ve seen while watching That color guy really teaches you things about the game.

Also, I’ve always wondered when someone would do webstreaming alternative play-by-play that you could run concurrently with the video feed of a game while muting the official announcers. I feel like a lot of people would be psyched about that.



  1. […] the availability of alternative video sources could be combined with another innovation I’ve long hoped for, DIY play-by-play, to create a thinking person’s alternative to the lowest-common-denominator […]

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