Posted by: Peter | August 12, 2010

Now that’s what bad umpiring looks like

I see that Twins Geek is complaining about umpire Mike DiMuro’s strike calls in yesterday’s game. After my last post, I was prepared to make yet another post on rulebook-versus-true strike zones and the bias of fans. But this, time, you’ll get no argument from me. This is legitimately some BS right here:

(These charts are from the catcher’s perspective.)

The Twins pitchers were getting squeezed all over the strike zone, to right handers and left. Look at those two inside strikes Danks got on righties. Or those high strikes to lefties. The Twins seriously couldn’t catch a break. That doesn’t mean DiMuro has some kind of pro-White Sox bias–we know umpires are inconsistent, and this could have been a particularly unlucky night for the Twins.

Anyway, count me as another vote for the robot strike zone.


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